Tips for a bigger penis

Now it's finally out. 13.12 centimeters is the average penis in an erect state — 9.16 centimeters in idle mode. The penises of few men were measured in a study to clear up the myths once and for all. But what can you do if you want to cheat a little? Who likes to be under the cut? Click here to know about how to increase the penis size. Here, I am providing a few tips for a bigger penis.

1) Stretching devices such as a manual vacuum pump or a stretcher can cause the penis to be lengthened by two to three centimeters. However, the man must use the device continuously over a very long period of four to six months to actually achieve penis enlargement. It is highly questionable whether the manual extension is permanently preserved and whether the connective tissue is permanently damaged.

2) Penis massage is another excellent way to increase the size of your penis efficiently and effectively. The exercise and massage are said to have been part of an initiation ritual. The penis enlarged by regular massage should impress the woman on the wedding night. One differentiates between the dry or the wet massage variant. With your thumb and index finger, you can form an O that tightly encloses the penis. Now you drive in slow motion from the penis root towards the glans. This process is repeated alternately with both hands.

3) The average penis length when erect is 12.7 cm. Anyone who is already thinking about a surgical intervention should know that doctors only recommend surgical penis enlargement from a length of less than 9 cm. The response involves not insignificant risks and needs to be carefully considered: The change is purely optical in nature because a valid extension of the erectile tissue is not possible.

4) Of course, with a short hairstyle, the penis doesn't get any longer. Nevertheless, there is a significant optical effect. The best piece of the man looks longer up to two centimeters if the hair is trimmed down to the base of the penis. Incidentally, this is also the trick in the porn industry. The men there are usually always completely shaved - certainly not only for hygienic reasons.

5) Every good adult specialty shop has numerous lotions, creams, or oils in its range. They all promise one thing: a bigger penis. A positive effect has not yet been scientifically determined. In contrast, there are so-called prostaglandin creams in the pharmacy that make the penis larger - but only for a few hours.

So, these are a few easy tips to get a long penis.